Friday, 6 April 2012


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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Thursday 5th April 2012

06:35 – It’s the last day of Tulisa co-hosting and she borrows a pair of Fearne’s novelty clog-shaped slippers to make her feel more comfortable. Aled’s going to meet Molly from The Saturdays for lunch tomorrow hooray.
07:05 – We talk about random breakfasts and the video for Tulisa’s new single.
07:40 – Nathan from The Wanted is on the phone live from L.A. and we have the exclusive first play of their new single Chasing The Sun.
08:10 – Aled asks Tulisa about Simon Cowell and we quiz her about X Factor.
08:35 – Guilty Pleasures game – the team try to guess who the Guilty Pleasure track belongs to, turns out it’s quite easy.
08:50 – We say a fond farewell to Matt Fincham as he leaves the show to become a Producer on Nick Grimshaw’s show. The team give Matt leaving presents and his favourite by far is Dom’s which is two original scripts from The Bill. He nearly sheds a tear. Nearly.
09:10 – The Golden Hour Part 1
09:40 – The Golden Hour Part 2 – Team Choices!
10:00 – The team chat to Fearne about what they’re going to do with their Bank Holiday and we say goodbye to Tulisa

Friday, 27 May 2011

Friday 27th May 2011

Reviewed by Nicola_Red

6.30am Show starts with the Friday cheesy song

6.33am Chris tells us that he saw Reggie Yates at the gym, and that he was laughing as usual. Aled says that he thinks Reggie is just a naturally happy person. Chris then says that he went for dinner at his brother's house last night, and that he's still not drinking. They had Moroccan lamb and couscous.

6.37am Chris has been looking at old photos of his family, and shows the team some of them. He also mentions that his Dad knows all the pubs in the local area.

6.45am The team discuss their upcoming Saturday lie-in.

6.46am It's pointed out that Dave is absent. Chris explains that he's stuck in traffic.

6.48am Dom suggests that the team all bring baby photos in next week.

6.50am Chris says he needs to go the gym today, and that he gained weight whilst in Carlisle, and before that while on holiday after the marathon show in March.

6.55am Aled has organised a breakfast lottery for this morning, but isn't sure whether to do it or not.

6.59am Dave arrives, and confirms that he did indeed have traffic trouble.

7.02am Dave asks Chris for his brother's Moroccan lamb recipe. Dom asks him if he doesn't feel strange eating lamb after their walks through sheep fields while in Carlisle, but Dave says he's fine with it. Dom doesn't like lamb, as it's "too meaty".

7.04am The team decide they will play Aled's breakfast roulette after the news.

7.05am News with Dominic and Tina

7.09am Aled's breakfast roulette. The results are as follows:

Aled wins his own breakfast, porridge with soya milk
Dom wins Chris's bacon omelette
Tina wins Dom's sausage and beans
Chris wins Dave's toast and Marmite
Dave wins the bonus full English breakfast.

7.14am Black Eyed Peas - Don't Stop The Party
7.18am Jessie J - Nobody's Perfect

7.22am The team discuss Jaguar Skills' show which took place on Radio 1 last night (Thursday 27th May).

7.24am Celebrity Raspberry. Today's caller is Chris from Chippenham, who is a driller for a site investigation company. He incorrectly guesses the raspberry-blower to be Matt Smith.

7.33am News with Dominic and Tina

7.37am The team read out some exam texts, and wish exam-takers well in the style of Alan Sugar and the Dragons. Dave and Dom act out a scene between Adele and Theo Paphitis.

7.42am Taio Cruz - Dynamite
7.46am All Time Low - I Feel Like Dancing

7.49am The team discuss the Guardian's Music Power 100 list, a countdown of the most powerful people in music today. They play a game in which they have to guess who's in the list and who they are higher or lower than. Chris and Aled are at no45, Adele is no1 (you can read the full list here).

8.06am News with Dominic and Tina

8.10am Noah and The Whale - Life is Life
8.14am McFly - Star Girl

8.18am The team talk about Take That, whose UK tour starts this weekend in Sunderland.

8.20am Promotion for the 10 Hour Takeover on Bank Holiday Monday, which is live from Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. They decide to do a 10 Second Takeover and invite listeners to call in to choose songs that that they want to hear the first ten seconds of.

8.25am Alex Galdino - What A Feeling

8.28am More discussion of the Guardian Music Power list.

8.29am Further discussion of the 10 Hour Takeover. Chris does his best Westwood impression as promotion.

8.34am News with Dominic and Tina

8.38am More Westwood impressions.

8.42am Lady Gaga - Edge Of Glory
8.47am David Guetta featuring Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida - Where Them Girls At

8.50am Tina and Aled talk about their night out to see Olly Murs in concert last night. Tina denies fancying Olly, but Aled readily confesses.

8.55am The 10 Second Takeover. The tracks we hear the first ten seconds of are:

Stevie Wonder - Superstition
Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine
Babylon Zoo - Spaceman
Underworld - Born Slippy
Lady Gaga - Judas
Foo Fighters - Rope

9.02am The Golden Hour begins.

9.03am Spice Girls - Say You'll Be There
9.08am The Wannadies - You & Me Song
9.12am TLC - Creep
9.16am Blur - Charmless Man
9.20am Bone-Thuggs & Harmony - Crossroads
9.25am Chicane - Offshore
9.28am Kula Shaker - Tattva

9.31am The Golden Hour reveal - Dave, Tina, Dom and Rick from Online all correctly guess 1996.

9.33am News with Dominic and Tina

9.39am Nickelback - Rockstar (Tina's choice)
9.43am Fatman Scoop featuring the Crooklyn Clan - Be Faithful (Matt's choice)
9.47am Daft Punk - Da Funk (Aled's choice)
9.51am Stevie Wonder - Signed, Sealed, Delivered (Dave's choice)
9.54am James - Sit Down (Dom's choice)
9.58am Take That - Relight My Fire

10.02am A singalong to the Take That track segues into the handover with Sara. She congratulates the team on their 10 second Takeover, and chooses her own 10 second track, which is Take That's Everything Changes.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Wednesday 9th February 2011


Thanks go to ianpwilliams for editing this show

Official synopsis

Today Tina took over the show for an hour, with her dog MJ coming into the studio (watch Chris' priceless reaction), souped up Sports News and Hip Hop Punishment part two - us rapping karaoke. The online voting for British Breakthrough Act at the Brits 2011 mentioned in this programme closes on Fri 11th Feb at 12pm.

Official running order

06:35 We talk about Dom's gym routine and Chris listening to old tapes of himself. We hear classic clips from yesteryear which sound weird and we talk about honesty and how all DJs are idiots.
07:05 Tina has got her special hour this morning and Chris and Dave are totally not looking forward to meeting her pet wolf MJ.

Celebrity Raspberry with Chloe and Dave isn't in a bad mood. She gets it wrong by guessing Buble and wins nothing.

Tina's Hour - Part 1
Tina's hour has started - she has her own souped-up sports jingles and brings in her pet wolf to meet Chris and Dave. They're not scared but decide to build a little barrier just in case.

Tina's Hour - Part 2
We have some hip hop punishment as part of Tina's special hour on Radio 1.

09:00 Tedious Link - Primal Scream - Movin On Up

Dave's Hip Hop Punishment
Tedious problems and then Dave does some hip hop punishment in the form of Beyonce and Single Ladies. In a way its like punishment for all.

Toby LeRone Update -
We hear the latest funny name mentions.

09:45 Carpark Catchphrase

10:00 We talk to Fearne about bra sizes.


Friday, 14 August 2009

Friday 14th August 2009 - Hosted by Vernon

06:30 - News and Sport
06:35 – Vernon and the team are broadcasting live from Edinburgh, the home of Scott Mills the Musical. Vernon recaps on his cameo role last night and is still excited about it all
07:00 - News and Sport
07:15 Dave gives his report of the Musical shenanigans recorded live last night at Pleasance in Edinburgh
07:30 - News and Sport
07:40 – Vernon and Dave find out who was the better driver from their trip to Rockingham on Wednesday. It was a close call, but overall Vernon was was the winner and, if there was no-one else available, could be Schumacher's replacement.
08:00 - News and Sport
08:05 – Vernon rubs it in that he was victorious at the race track
08:20 – We play clips of Vernon’s big moment treading the boards in Scott Mills The Musical. We hear his rendition of MC Hammer’s ‘Can’t Touch This’ and his venture into a bit of freestyle breakdancing. It is quite impressive.
08.30 – News and Sport
08.40 – The registration doors of Car Park Catchphrase are officially open! We hear one of the best moments from yesteryear and are all looking forward to more golden moments from next week onwards.
09:00 - The Golden Hour part one - 1998
Air – ‘Kelly Watch The Stars’
Barenaked Ladies – ‘One Week’
5 – ‘Everybody Get Up’
The Verve – ‘Sonnet’
Fat Les – ‘Vindaloo’
All Saints – ‘Under The Bridge’
The Beautiful South – ‘Perfect 10’
09:30 - News and Sport
09:35 - The Golden Hour part two – Vernon In The Mix
The Beloved – ‘Sweet Harmony’
Ultra Nate - 'Free'
Energy 52 - 'Café Del Mar'
The Prodigy - 'Out Of Space'
Josh Wink - 'Higher State Of Consciousness'
Paul Johnson - 'Get Get Down'
Bob Marley vs. Funkstar Deluxe - 'Sun Is Shinin''
Sash - 'Encore Une Fois'

Monday, 2 March 2009

Monday 2nd March 2009

6.30 - News and Sport
6.35 – Vernon’s here. We welcome him along. Very exciting, and unbelievably we play 2 records before 6:45
6:45 - Helen the trucker on the phone. Brilliant caller
6.53 – We have a natter about our various weekends, and talk about the possibility of going out on Wednesday to watch Everton against Blackburn
7.00 - News and Sport
7.05 – We ask Dom to give us a quick tease of his U2 day on Friday. He’s still very excited
7.20 – Lenny Henry gives us the challenge for today. Dave is going to be spinning on his helmet and Dom’s going to be body popping
7.30 - News and Sport
7.35 – We recap the challenge which Dave and Dom have in front of them if we receive £20,000 on the texts
7:45 - Dave wants to know whether we can enrol some other people for the dancing challenge, like on that advert which is on the telly at the moment
7.50 – Dom tells us about Friday when he met U2, and then we cross live to Africa to talk to Chris Moyles and Gary Barlow
8.00 - News and Sport
8.20 – More of Dom’s interview with U2. In particular Bono’s Seal impression which is quality. We then play Beautiful day from the live lounge with Jo on Friday
8.29 – The Comic Relief total is in and we’ll find out whether Dave and Dom will be dancing after the news
8.30 - News and Sport
8.35 – The total is in and it’s £24,000!! The boys will be dancing after the show for Comic Relief
8:50 - We recap the dance challenge now that the total has passed £24,000 today
8:55 - Tedious Link – Run DMC – Walk This Way
9.00 – Chris’s update from Africa
9:25 - We talk about the update and the toilets and the whether the mood and challenge will get tougher as the days go on. We also talk diggerland and Tom and tanks and sit on mowers and dangerous strimmers
9.30 - News and Sport
9.55 – We talk about Chris’s updates, and him being back tomorrow, and refresh the challenge of Dave and Dom dancing later